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What is a vision board?

When it comes to any interior design project, vision boards/ Mood boards are key component . They form the basis of the plan and make it easy to convey the designers ideas.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is basically a plan of concepts and visual ideas for an interior design project. How it takes shape really depends on the designer. It could be anything from fabric swatches and magazine cutouts to a fully realized plan.

When properly planned, a vision board should ideally contain:

  • Ideas for colour concepts- Wall colors and designs

  • Millwork Details & Furniture ideas

  • Accessory ideas

  • Reflected ceiling plan design elements

  • Other key concepts involved in your plan

There are five phases of our interior design process :

  • Strategic Planning and Programming.

  • Concept Development.

  • Design Development.

  • Construction Documentation.

  • Construction Administration

Vision boards are usually created during the concept development phase.


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