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Retail Design Projects

Susanne Desbrow Interior Design has completed many retail interior design projects in Calgary, Alberta. Below you'll find details to a few of those projects.

Exterior view of Colour & Beyond Hair Studio when the road was under construction. It is a 2-storey dark grey building with three windows on the second floor, and a wall of large windows on the bottom floor.
A hair salon reception area with a dark patterned wallpaper. Pendant lights hang over the reception area.
A hair salon reception area with a dark patterned wallpaper. Pendant lights hang over the reception area. In the background you can see a wash station.
Three dark salon chairs sit in front of dark mirrors with hidden storage in the back to create a clean look while being functional.

Susanne was approached by Dalacour Builders to create a welcoming concept for Colour & Beyond Hair Studio in Marda Loop.

Neutral tones, accented by subtle pops of the salon's brand colors, set the stage for a chic and timeless ambiance. We envision a space that not only caters to the latest trends in hair care but also provides the perfect space for relaxation and pampering.

Key Design Features:

  1. Chic Reception Area: A welcoming reception area.

  2. Versatile Styling & Wash Stations: Thoughtfully arranged styling stations, ensuring an efficient workflow for stylists. Ample mirrors and task lighting are strategically placed to optimize functionality and enhance the client's experience.

  3. Texture and Detail: Rich textures, such as plush fabrics and subtle wall treatments, add layers of interest and luxury to the overall design. Thoughtful details, like decorative accents and greenery, contribute to the salon's personality.

  4. Efficient Back-of-House: Behind the scenes, the back-of-house area is optimized for functionality and organization. Ample storage, efficient workspaces, and ergonomic design contribute to a seamless operation for the salon team.


Project completed 2016

Parkview Massage + wellness office is approximately 1,500 SQ FT. It is located on Canyon Meadows Drive, with in the community of Lake Bonivista. They offer services such as relaxation/therapeutic massage, couples massage, prenatal/postnatal massages, cupping, infrared body wraps, detox, seaweed wraps, customized facials, skin care analysis, waxing, eyebrows tinting.

Project completed 2020

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