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Interior Design Projects

SDID is experienced in a vast variety of corporate office environments from small scale startup companies to multi floor large corporations.

Reception desk with red and white strip on the outside, and a white raised reception countertop. In the background a black accent wall accentuates the Keystone Grey Logo mounted on it.

Susanne spent five years in London, England, specializing in hospitality design. She designed numerous award-winning nightclubs and worked closely with one of the UK's largest breweries, designing hundreds of pubs and hotels.

Since then, she's assisted multiple Calgary restaurants in designing spaces with the perfect ambience to partake in a delectable dish.

Lil Empire Bridgeland location with a glass door freezer with the words, "take away" at the top. It sits beside a bright deli counter with a glass display case and white subway tiles.

Healthcare design requires considerations for multiple users with different needs. Susanne Desbrow Interior Design has participated in many large healthcare design projects.

A stock image of a hospital corridor with hospital staff and patients walking down the hall.

SDID has completed the following Daycare/ Preschools in and around Calgary, Alberta.

  • South Calgary Montessori

  • Legacy Montessori Academy

  • Crossfield Montessori Childcare 

A bright  yellow Montessori play area for children.

From one-off boutiques, to large-scale malls in Eastern Europe, Susanne Desbrow has designed many different types of retail stores. In Calgary, Alberta, Susanne Debrow design has designed wellness and self-care retail spaces.

Reception desk of a spa with a shiplap background and Parkview Massage & Wellness signage behind. On the reception desk sits a white orchid in a white and teal vase.

Designing environments for aging is a passion. We are just finishing up a project  and we are excited to share details soon.

Senior Living Design - A stock image of an older gentleman caring for plants in a green house.
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