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Healthcare Design Projects

Healthcare interior design is complex as we, the interior designers, must consider the needs of many different end users with disparate needs. 

Healthcare Design Considerations

  • Staff need a safe work environment to be efficient and limit errors.

  • Patients need comfort and security.

  • Visitors need space to sit and support the patient.

  • External government agencies such as police and social workers need to be able to access the staff and the facilities they require. 

Healthcare interior design aims to create environments that promote healing, comfort, and efficiency within healthcare facilities. Healthcare design incorporates safety for staff, ergonomic furniture, technology, soothing colour schemes, and functional layouts to enhance patient well-being. 

An emphasis is placed on infection control, accessibility, and creating spaces that support medical staff in delivering quality care. 

Thoughtful design elements aim to reduce stress, enhance privacy, and optimize the overall patient experience.

Healthcare Design

You will note that there are no project images or client names on this page. This is due to the sensitive nature of these large, collaborative projects. Feel free to reach out to discuss details of the healthcare design projects we have worked on in Calgary, Alberta  and the Columbia Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Hospital Cafeteria
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