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Hospitality Design Projects

Susanne spent five years in London, England, specializing in hospitality design. She designed numerous award-winning nightclubs and worked closely with one of the UK's largest breweries, designing hundreds of pubs and hotels.

Since then, she's assisted multiple Calgary restaurants in designing spaces with the perfect ambience to partake in a delectable dish.

Lil Empire Burgers is a cute burger restaurant with three locations in Calgary, Alberta. Susanne had the pleasure of bringing the friendly, welcoming Capitol Hill location's design to fruition. 

The Bridgeland neighbourhood is full of interesting people and quaint small businesses. Susanne had the pleasure of assisting Lil Empire in designing a restaurant that fit the Bridgeland neighbourhood feeling.

Camden Pub - London, England

After Susanne graduated from University, she worked at a trendy boutique architecture firm specializing in hospitality design. Their clients included two of the largest pub chains in the UK. Whilst there, she worked on the interior design of hundreds of pubs in southern England. From cozy country pubs to sizeable inner-city wine bars and restaurants

Nightclub - Essex, UK.

Susanne also worked on numerous large-scale nightclubs with over a million-dollar budgets. The one pictured here won a Smirnoff award for best nightclub in southern England.

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